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    1. Tinder is a tool for people to meet others they find attractive. If nobody finds you attractive that’s your problem no good blaming women or tinder.

    2. @Larry

      fuck off – you pussy whipped wanker

      defending attention seeking whores to get pussy – you are the lowest kind of male … It wouldn’t surprise me if you had a mangina

    3. @moolkollar

      Wtf are you talking about defending them to get pussy? What making a comment on here is going to get me pussy?

      You’re clearly like the guy in this picture, you hate women because none will fuck you. I love how you keyboard warriors refer to anyone who doesn’t hate all women as “pussy whipped” I’ve met many women of tinder, fucked some, dated some. Made friends with some. Of course there are some just on their for attention or goldiggers or whatever but you’re just assuming anyone who uses tinder who is female is some kind of evil whore… maybe when you get a bit more pussy you’ll change your mind.

    4. @ Aunt Jemima

      well of course tinder will be full of girls looking for attention, that’s the nature of the app, you can’t go onto an app based on liking somones pictures then complain about it being full of girls looking for attention… that’s like if a girl goes to a strip club then starts complaining saying “ah this club is just full of horny guys trying to get laid” its like um yeah what else would you expect!

  1. What a jealous little shit sipping nazi. What a snow flake.
    “Wah…I am ugly, look like I have down syndrome, and I wave a German flag while wearing a Trump Make America White Again trucker’s cap….wah.”
    This dumb shit is just upset that he looks retarded, acts retarded, and can’t get laid.

  2. The pussy might be tainted…but you look like you would fuck a sheep!!! your face looks like the tip of my cock with a wig!!!

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