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  1. Kind of looks like a Rat you’d buy at the pet store. Maybe the fellow that works there sperged out and took it to work and it got away from him, or he didnt give 2 sh*ts and let it chill in there.
    Either way, 7-11 sucks. Its only claim to fame is they are open 24 hours, but you have some tattooed guy with 9+ piercings sitting on a stool when you walk in, your shoes stick to the floor, but yeah, I do like the Slurpee’s once in a while when its a hot summer day. I apologize for any typos, I’m intoxicated. But yeah, Hillary blah blah blah, Trump would blah blah blah, and Its Obama from 2 years blah blah blah, and finally, I would NOT hit that.
    Deutchland Uber Alles and Let freedom ring, with liberty and justice for all.
    if you were broke and planning on using koolaid as a tequila chaser which flavor would you pick?

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