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    1. She is probably a feminist that is afraid that Trump will grab her by the pussy. She needs to realize that NOBODY will ever grab her by the pussy.

    1. And yours says “I’m a gullible deplorable who is going to regret voting for a despicable human being simply because he appeals to my inner douchebag”

    2. So she’s a pedo but Trump isn’t? Riiiiiiiiight. Look at the professional photos of him and his daughter when she was younger. He makes her show her “sexy legs” in all of them, sit on his lap, and he puts his hand on her thigh in some. Enjoy. Asshole.

  1. The one on her chest says witch craft.. Probably some little spell that keeps the penises away from her body.

  2. She is OBVIOUSLY in a tattoo shop and probably works there.. come on guys, there’s so many face tattoos that are so much worse than this! People get tattoos like this to attract certain kinds of people, and it works… you might as well just start a face tattoo blog.

    1. No Mr Anonymous I don’t get out much these days. In a world of fools like you there’s nothing much good about getting out anyway. Given the choice of who’s company I would rather share I would take this girl over you any day.

    2. Well now George, maybe you should contact the girl(?). I’m sure that she would be open to hanging out in your parents basement…

  3. Mr Anonymous, what a stupid, pointless, irrelevant comment… utterly meaningless. I have neither parents as they’re dead nor the desire or ability to contact anyone from a mere picture. What a woefully poor and ineffectual attempt at sarcasm. You have to know your target in order for sarcasm to hit home my incapable friend otherwise it’s just nonsensical child speak.

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