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  1. he is probably living in the US as the closer you get to that shithole, the stupider and more gun-craving you get.

    1. And it’s probably the US why? The English language being spoken…nope. The guns? France has more than they admit to. I’ll bet it’s an idiot European that doesn’t have the first clue as to how to handle a weapon safely. Odds are I’m right…not you.

  2. …While I agree on many points I can’t agree that this is the US. That over-and-under looks like a bit like a Churchill 820…which are Turkish made firearm. Parent company I believe to be Akkar.

    I have no idea what language the dude is speaking. Shitty decor and shitty firearms tell me he’s foreign. At any rate, anyone who handles guns, esp. pistols, the way he does is an idiot. You really shouldn’t leave them loaded nor should you put your finger in the trigger guard unless you are on the range. Should pick it up, remove the magazine and cycle the action several times to make sure its not loaded.

    No law against making a video and displaying your collection, I just don’t understand why so many people nearly shoot themselves or others in the process, its really not necessary or more to the point, any accidents from doing so are avoidable.

    1. duhhhhhhh because people are and always will be fucking stupid.

      the pro-gun argument of “be responsible” is fucking retarded. most people are NOT responsible, not 100% of the time anyway. one small mistake and little timmy has to bite the dust. congrats.

    2. The dude is speaking turkish.
      And is shirt is saying “Eskişehir”, which is a big turkish city.
      Since, as you said, it is a turkish gun, I am gonna bet that this is in Turkey. They do have gun also

      (unlike France. Just saying for the one who was saying “France as more they want to say”. We don’t have 0. But, no, regular people in France don’t have guns. Some hunters have good old rifles. Cops may have guns even at home, even if usually they keep them at work. And some criminals may have guns. That the extent of it. And yes, even if that mean that criminal have guns and I don’t, I am still safer than in a country where every one have gun and may use it in a road rage incident)

  3. Rule #1: Never ever put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to destroy something.
    Rule #2: If you are too stupid to follow rule #1, at least point it at yourself so you dont hurt an innocent in the process, and we dont have to watch another one of your stupid videos.

    1. oh look it’s captain hindsight, saving us again after tragedy has already struck. what would we do without you, captain?

  4. James White, the fact that you wrote, “Shitty decor and shitty firearms tell me he’s foreign” speaks volumes about how stereotypical your ‘Murican stupidity really is. Your asshole of the world makes up about 5% of the planet’s population. To 95% of the remainder YOU are the one who is foreign. Nothing like typical arrogance in the face of ignorance proving once again, ‘Muricans are the world’s foremost idiots and proud of it.

    1. #1 – I’m not American.
      #2 – While some of my comments are made a bit hastily, it shouldnt take away from the points that really matter. That said, I apologize for branding this individual as “foreign”.

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