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  1. corner was obviously broken off and stuck back in place before getting slapped. Who ruins their laminate by scratching it up with bottle caps anyway? expensive jackassery.

  2. Only took him 21 years to learn hardness does not equate to strength. A lot of people take a lot longer to learn that.

    1. Only took me 21 seconds to realize that corner had already been pre-cracked. And he looks at the bottle like nothing happened.

  3. This is probably the dumbest website in history. This is from Arrested Development! To whoever runs this site… you’re a moron!

  4. Should have gone with Granite. not Particle Board!!! If you look closely you can see the corner was already broken before this moron did the bottle slap!!!

  5. Everyone who says this is fake is a retard. Of course it’s fake, it’s Hollywood. 2 seconds more and you would have seen Will Arnette’s dumb(founded) face.

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