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  1. That monkey wasn’t fully grown yet. It’ll get there. Trial and error, jigaboo. Trial and error. Please don’t feel bad for it. Their heads are completely empty and bounce like a rubber ball as can clearly be seen in the footage. Their heads are basically ornaments to make them look almost human, nothing more.

  2. Sadly, just like our idiotic Canadian neighbors, we must now pay for our fellow citizens’ medical bills–no matter how moronic they are.

    I have to say, when he’s at his zenith, one word passes through my mind: Pull!

    1. awwww poor americunt, still insecure that you have to do overtime to afford going to the dentist while everybody has moved into the future and doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.

      believe me, as a non-american and non-canadian I would pick Canada over the US ANY day.

    2. I hate to break this to you, dickhead, but before Obamacare, anyone without insurance went to the emergency room, which was the primary driving force of skyrocketing premiums. Obamacare is revenue neutral for most taxpayers as most of its funding comes from a tax on the richest few percent. In short, you idiot, we paid more, much more, for our fellow citizens’ medical bills than we do now, thanks to Obamacare. Ironically, you call people idiots and morons, yet you clearly have zero understanding of how Obamacare works. Try thinking with your walnut-sized brain, for a change, before uttering your ignorant drivel.

    3. nope, the poor have to pay more. rich folks are just rich folks and laugh at you common rabble while you scram for the 1% of money the 1% of the rich left you lol.

      like I said, get sick in the US or go to college and you’ll be debt ridden til the day you day. don’t act as if this wasn’t the case as it isn’t a secret anymore of how shitty the US truly is compared to most other 1st world countries.

    4. last night I saw a video of some old veteran pulling his tooth with a string. guess which nationality he was?


  3. Anonymous+ Feel free to go live in Canada where your taxes are through the roof paying for that “free” healthcare, and where they’ll gladly welcome terrorists. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, you fucking fruit cake.

    1. jep, thanks for the hint. I’ll definitely do that. then all us “fruitcakes” are gonna laugh at your ass working 30 hrs/day so you can afford to go to the doctor while we sip some hot coco laced with acid in our log cabin.

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