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  1. Now that is funny shit right there.. Serves you right. I have zero compassion for people that get humiliated, hurt or killed at the zoo. These animals should not be on display for profit and if they are displayed to raise money for research or for educational purposes, the animals should be completely unaware that they are being viewed. There should be zero ways for the people to interact with the animals. Do it my way and Harambe lives. Keep it the way it is and animals suffer get hurt or die needlessly.

    1. Harambe deserved to die. He tossed around an infant and drug him through water. Given more time no telling what it would have done to that kid. That said, the kid should be removed from his mother’s care. she should be spayed and never allowed to supervise any human being again

    2. Harambe deserved to die? Harambe was chillin out, captive to no fault of his own, doing gorilla things in his tiny habitat when some shithead kid falls into his cage. Harambe continued to do gorilla things and decided to check out the kid aggressively cause that is what gorilla’s do. The zoo is negligent for having an animal enclosure that a kid can get into. The kid is at fault for doing stupid kid shit. The kids parents are to blame as well. The only individual not at fault was Harambe. Did they have to shoot him? Yes. Humans are not meant to mingle with wild animals. Wild animals in captivity will always be a danger to their handlers and the general public that have access.

  2. Hey Prozac, take some advice from the very insinuation your nickname suggests and double your dosage. All n!ggers belong behind a cage and this is no exception. Only problem here is that even the tiniest bit of human-n!gger interaction opportunity where there is no bullet proof glass to restrain the pavement ape’s behavior is cause for possible problems, just as this video portrays. I consider this video a PSA warning.

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