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  1. she was upset about a litle PDA……the best part of this….. if you look her up you can find the porn she did… its on xhamster.

  2. My favorite part was when the snowflake douche confronts her and tells her “back the F up” repeatedly. Of course I’m sure he had on the typical hipster uniform (man bun, pube beard, flannel shirt and skinny jeans) so this ginger water buffalo wasn’t intimidated in the least and didn’t budge.

  3. Nobody will make out with me but my dog!!! why should I have to get my sloppy unshaved fish tank wet watching you kiss a girl I wanna eat out was all she had to say!!!

  4. Told the wife about this video, she walked over gave me a kiss and said I hope it was a good for you as it was for me.

  5. She was right to call the police, she had been assaulted and sexually harassed. Wouldn’t be happening under Hilary.

    1. I bet this really confused deplorable douchbags like you, right? I mean, she is fat, ginger and female (…obviously a crazed feminazi, right?) Yet, she was questioning another patron’s ethnicity, telling him to go back to his country, while telling him she is a proud American, thereby asserting her superiority over the dirty immigrants, a sentiment you wholeheartedly agree with. You hate her but respect her inner douchebag and it confuses you. You want to hate-fuck her so bad.

    2. Obviously I don’t agree with disrespecting someone for being an immigrant but I don’t hate her for it, she was probably just lashing out because someone else’s freedom of expression has offended her, and that’s what is wrong. Free speech is only okay until someone is offended. And when a woman is offended then something is wrong because women have been oppressed by men for as long as we know and that hasn’t changed and will only change if we do something about the system of patriarchy under which we live. That fact that she is being abused for her size, gender and even the colour of her hair proves how deplorable everyone leaving comments on this site is.

  6. Beta Cuck is the troll here. You’re all just too stupid to realize he/she is trolling you w/ outrageous comments, just to provoke equally ridiculous comments. Dummies.

  7. What a stupid cunt. There’s nothing wrong with kissing in public. She’s just mad she doesn’t get any….

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