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  1. Wow. Take that one back to the nut house. I had to watch it in two parts it made me so mad. Good on the driver for keeping his cool.

  2. See folks, a n!gger isn’t always black. A n!gger is anyone who was raised in a “modern” western country with aggressive “progressive” political ideologies. If that ape tried that shit in China, Hungary, The Philippines, Russia, Ecuador, New Zealand, or any of the few select and remaining normal places on Earth, she would have been dragged out by her hair and thrown into a cage until she learned her lesson.

    1. In “progressive” New Zealand, I can confirm that she would definitely not have been “dragged out by her hair and thrown into a cage until she learned her lesson.”, you fucking ignorant deplorable clown.

  3. What a stupid cunt, i would love to kick her ugly nappy head off and shit down her neck, momma shouldve swallowed this poor excuse of a cum receptacle.

  4. That’s why they need to chill with all that man hitting woman shit, cuz the laws prevent bitches like her from learning her lesson. It enables her to feel that she can do whatever the fuck she wants. And it’s wayyyyy more of her out there….way more

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