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    1. Her father pranked her by having her ask for “blinker fluid” at some car accessory store or petrol pump

    2. First off, numb nuts. It was autozone. A very popular car parts store in the US. Keep to being eurotrash.

      Second, what lesson did they learn? Their dads an a**hole? Most young/teenage girls don’t know s#!t about car repair/parts. And the ones that do, it’s most likely because their fathers taught them properly instead of sending them into a store requesting something that doesn’t exist and videotaping it so he can post it on the internet.

    3. Hey nice pants, are you pissed because the only thing your dad taught you was to shut up and take it in the ass?

  1. Like when they prank the new guy at the factory sending him to the tool cage asking for a long weight. Or a left handed screwdriver, hammer, saw, whatever.

    New guy “Yeah, the boss sent me down her to ask for a long weight.”
    Tool cage guy “Have a seat.”

  2. Either girl could probably list in detail a dozen different methods of birth control. (The leggings indicate they’re probably using at least one method right now.) We also teach girls in school that they can be CEO’s and Presidents… yet very few of them can cook worth a damn. GET IN THE KITCHEN, MISSY, AND MAKE ME SOME PIE!

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