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  1. Epically? You do realise that the entire rest of the western world is laughing at this video of American douchebaggery, right now? It has become the latest installment of ‘muricanism in the ‘light humor’ section at the end of every TV news show.

  2. ‘Murica. Fuck yeah! Pfff. The president of the Philippines exterminated over 10,000 drug dealers in just the last couple of years and dropped the crime rate by over 90%. Meanwhile, this. Sure, I’ll just be watching out for that breaking story of how crime dropped 90% in Florida. LOL.

  3. These guys are the real terrorists. If people wanna overdose and kill themselves, fucking let them and don’t blame the dealers.

  4. Good – absolutely good. All drug dealers are lower than the dog shit I scrape off my heel. They sell poison just for f’ing money, which means they should be executed, no mercy, if found guilty.

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