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    1. Sure thing, dumbass.
      He does all kinds of videos like this. PhillyOffensive Channel on YT.
      Eat shit and learn to internet, assface 😉
      I like that you believe everything on the internet. It gives you a childlike quality that is missing in today’s world. Hopefully you can have a unicorn dragon this year if Santa Claus thinks you have been good. YOUR PARENTS ARE SANTA CLAUS AND THE EASTER BUNNY mwahahahaha

    1. Buuuuurrrrnnnnnn!
      Wow dude we should post you on epicfail lol.
      He freakin’ shat in your cereal lol.

  1. Both the homeowner and the lady are shitheads. The guy is a potty-mouthed jerk who could have politely asked her to pick up the dog poop and shouldn’t have threatened the other guyy, and the lady was lame to complain that it was only a small dog, and she should have apologized and picked it up. I wouldn’t give you a nickel for either of these dipheads.

  2. No, that wasn’t fake or staged at all. And the people who are falling for this being “real” are just morons.

    1. it’s like the 10th century.

      but that guy (video) said that the earth was flat (that the lady picked up her dog’s poo), therefore it must be true!

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