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  1. It’s all about supply and demand. The ‘Murican public has become exponentially more stupid over the last few decades and respectively such an enclave of morons demands this sort of trash in order to be entertained. Simple.

    1. They are… but that’s just some sort of BB gun. Enough to piss someone off, useless to stop someone.

    2. I think maybe they are those rubber bullets or the little bean bag things that cops sometimes shoot.

  2. I don’t think they could have done any worse.
    The only thing they didn’t do wrong was shoot an innocent bystander.
    The lady should not be allowed to ever have a gun again, completely clueless on how to handle it.
    I agree, if you are going to pull a gun, be prepared to use it.

  3. Here’s were “equality ” gets you >-D All of you do realize those weren’t real guns, correct? They were using powdered pepper balls shot from, what is essentially, a paintball gun with a small CO2 cartridge. You could clearly hear the pops, and here him yelling “ouch” when they’d hit him.

  4. LMAO, inferior women trying to do a mans job always makes for a good laugh.
    Cute pink outfits ladies, now make me a sandwhich

  5. I’d like to say the man/ aka fugitive showed real restraint. Instinctively, it’s fight or flight. At any moment he could hve turned to fight mode. Being assaulted by pink shirt wearing middle aged white women who show no decency, no respect for the man and the female he was with, no respectability, assaulting him, the man had a right to turn on primeval fight mode. Could a convict really keep face eith other cons by being captured by this gaggle?

  6. Had to much faith in their “Toys” and “Compliance” techniques. Obviously have never had any real training under realistic scenarios and someone actually resisting and or fighting. These girls are lucky he didn’t start wearing their faces out with a rapid barrage of blows. Now this shit is out there for all these bail jumpers to see and they are going to seriously hurt one of those women.

  7. This video is four years old. The guy sued them for shooting him in the eye with a rubber bullet, claiming he was partially blinded.

    All three of them (two are identical twins) are former LEOs, which is really surprising given they don’t seem to have any clue how to make an arrest. Maybe they were desk jockeys, or affirmative action cases.

    They post all their videos on a YouTube channel, and it’s kind of funny how many thumbs downs they get on them, and comments bagging on them for terrible and dangerous tactics. They’re still posting videos, as recently as 3 weeks ago.

    Two years ago, this guy went to a family party, got into an argument with his uncle, and shot and killed him. He was charged with murder. But, I don’t see him listed on California’s Inmate Lookup website, so maybe he got off. Or skipped bail!

    1. For the “surprising” part (former LEO), the two of them were accumulating internal discipline procedures. One of them has been discharged. The other one was facing judicial problem, because she used to sell (without any authorization, and for personnal profit) police information to bounty hunters.

      So, in short, they were not good LEO at all.

      (Note: I am not American. And discovering all this now. I am really surprised to learn that this is legal. I thought it was only during the far west. You still have “bounty hunters”, that are even allowed to use force? As I see, in certain states, any body can use force against a suspected fugitive. And they face legal action only if they happen to target the wrong guy?
      That is insane! Only legal representant of the state should be able to decide when to use force. Youtubers have no training to know who is really a fugitive, how dangerous they are, what usage of force is proportional. Blinding a guy that is no threat to you, and because and for a suspected $1000 bail debt, in this case, is totally insane. And here, at leat, they have the guy. But in many cases, bounty hunters does the same things to the wrong guys. Sure, then, they are charged. But, that is too late. This activity should be forbidden, period

      Besides US, the only other country which allow bounty hunters are Duterte’s Philippines. Really, that shoud make people think.

      Sincerely, I am not one of those “American-bashing” european. There are many things better in US than in most places. But that bounty hunting is just insane, and, frankly, medieval)

  8. The two “bounty hunters” were incredibly lucky that the guy didn’t just pound them into the ground. Clearly doesn’t want to hit a woman and throws no punches yet still escapes. You know the most effective way of getting a bounty collared is to just politely walk up to them and ask them to come with you then put some cuffs on, not running in pointing a gun at them! If polite doesn’t work get the taser out, not some shit BB gun. Didn’t even park behind his vehicle just in case he tried to run. I really hope this is fake or these two are gonna be seriously injured one day.

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