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  1. I can only assume that Paris is her baby-daddy’s ‘shawty dat n!gga be fuk’n own da saah-ideown da down low’ and she’s about to go commit a felony against her to ‘keep it real’.

  2. This is so pathetic. I wonder if she really thinks this is how the world works? Fake it till ya make it means you are being fake.
    Fun story: Last flight I was on was Allegiant (a no-frills airline with cheapo rates). Sure enough, there was a dumb bitch two seats behind me frontin’ talking to a guy and telling him about the $250,000 she made per year. I made it a total of 8 minutes of listening to this idiot mispronounce every designer name in the book (even touting her Vuitton socks) at the loudest voice possible while trying to impress a bunch of broke-ass air cattle like myself. I finally turned around, looked her straight in the eye and said “stop lying. No one on this flight is impressed and you are just making yourself look stupid. You are on a BARGAIN FLIGHT IN COACH! People of substance don’t fly this airline because they can afford not to and you keep mispronouncing the designer names like a third grader. She then held her foot up near my face and tried again to impress me with her “VOO EE TAHN” socks at which point I informed her no one believed her flea market knock offs were real LV as they do not have mismatched seams and such large thread. I asked her again to please be quiet at which point she gave me a stink face and put her earbuds back in. She was quiet the other hour and a half of the flight.
    It is okay to be poor. It is okay to be dumb. Hell it is okay to be poor and dumb, just keep your ignorant mouth shut in public.

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