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  1. That’s what happens when you try to be the nice, concerned, feminist douche wanna be boyfriend. While these young twats will tell you that they want a nice guy that is always concerned about their feelings, in reality, they just want to get fucked and have a man that is a MAN. Obviously, FriendZone Fred here is a bitch.

    How sad it must be to realize that everything you have learned about women from your “teachers” was bullshit.

  2. @Brutally Honest – was about to leave a comment and then read yours, You said it all! Snowflakeism is a one generation problem because they will never breed or just fuck one-another since becoming faggots is their only option to get laid.

  3. OH yes, not to mention this retard new generation with their skinny jeans and I bleed liberalism. This turd pile is a reason these white girls are being seduced by pants sagging monkies

  4. Jesus, the comments. For all you know it’s a gay kid–you know, like FukThaWat–posing with his best chick friend. Maybe he hates the pussy. Or only likes dried-up, loose, gaped ass twat like you fat fucks can pull.

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