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    1. He may have been elected, but he wasn’t chosen.
      What is predictable is how you fascist fucktards bring up the election results as if it redeems your deplorable president. He lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes and on the backs of the FBI and Russian intelligence community intervening with their own influence campaigns.
      You are a fucking retard. Kill yourself for supporting the death of America. Fucking traitor.

    2. Jacobs’ comments are gold! He may have lost the popular vote, but its those tools that didn’t bother to vote.. oops, and now they bitch because Trump got elected, You don’t vote, you don’t have the right to bitch.

  1. Hahahahaha fuck’n’bible belt autists. And to say these less then human freaks have the right to vote, it’s completely outstanding. I do hope it’s people having fun and it’s fake but I’ve seen very close to that shit for real so it’s not that far fetch. Anyway Any fucking retard that believe an invisible space fairy is in the sky that embrace then when they die, just for them actually it shows just how selfish, illogical, egocentric these fuckers really are. Bref, It’s those fuck’n’morons that elected your dumb orange clown. Well that and the imbecile trumpanzee anonymous above apparently. Still defending him dipshit ? Unbelievable…. You don’t deserve to live among us humans, you filthy uneducated primate.

    1. lol you ignorant fucktard…both your savior Obama and your next great hope The Hildabeast are Christian and believe in the “invisible space fairy in the sky”. But don’t let facts get in the way of your assberger-fueled rant from the basement…

    2. This is totally a Trumptard.
      Obama and Clinton may be christians, but they are not religiously retarded like Trump and his supporters.
      America is so fucked. Bush destroyed your reputation and economy, but you people redeemed yourself with Obama who repaired relations around the globe and brought the economy back. Now, less then 100 days in Trump has destroyed your country’s reputation and set it back on a path toward recession.
      All because these people, who never paid attention in school, decided who your president would be.
      America is the last superpower…but that probably won’t last very longer. Fucking fascist pieces of shit and retards.

    3. Wait, so I’m confused…did Trump get voted in by the people who “never paid attention in school”, or did he win but still lost “the popular vote by over 3 million people and on the backs of the FBI and Russian intelligence communities intervening with their own influence campaigns”

      Seems like a lot of information that’s just picked and chosen to serve ones agenda and personal beliefs. You can’t win by the majority vote, while also lose because you didn’t have the majority vote and so you resort to cheating.

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