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  1. Solid line on a blind curve eh? Guess he won’t do that again… Hope the car driver wasn’t seriously injured.

  2. Here is an excellent example of why “speed kills”. If those motorcyclists were driving the speed limit, they would not need to lean into the curve and cross the double solid center lines. But because they were speeding, probably twice the posted limit, they had to lean in. Most likely the rear biker leaned or even crossed the center line with both his cycle and himself, resulting in collision with a sports car at high speed.

    Now according to the physics of such a collision, the biker most like suffered enormous severe traumatic brain injuries or was killed. Only by the Grace of God would he survive such.

  3. Somehow this will be the cars fault and not the motorcycles. Some dumbass will walk out crying and waving a “look twice, save a life” banner. Well bonehead, how about YOU think twice, and save your life? Cars are everywhere, so slow your ass down and stop weaving around traffic, while making it everyone else’s responsibility for your wreckless and imprudent driving.

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