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  1. The two morons in the fail are in fact a new definition of stupid, but the three morons in the comment section above me are no smarter. There are necessary vaccines and there are those that absolutely are poison and should be avoided at all costs. Making fun of “antivaxers’ is an activity best left to sub-intellectuals who haven’t the foggiest idea or even a minimal amount of factual information on medicine or biochemistry. For all the idiots like the ones up there, pay attention. Older, more traditional vaccines that people have gotten as small children throughout the mid-to-late 20th century are necessary and crucial. More modern vaccines are nothing more than fabrications and exist for two reasons: money and sterilization. If you do not understand this then shut your mouth. You’re an idiot. Go read up on them before you type. You expose yourself as the same level of “intellectuals” as the bio-hazards in the fail.

    1. How can you be so conceited and astonishingly ignorant at the same time? Please, Einstein, name a single modern mass vaccine that is a “fabrication”. You don’t provide a single reference or shred of evidence for your fatuous claims, yet, ironically, launch into an unhinged rant, calling people idiots because they “do not understand”. It just makes you look like a sniveling little cretin with your head stuck up your clueless ass.

  2. Anonymous, I’m sitting here next to my girlfriend. Both she and her PhD in organic chemistry are saying you are completely full of crap. Maybe YOU’RE the one who needs to read up?

    Incidentally, if drug companies were going to lie about anything, they’d be saying that vaccines DON’T work. Why? Most vaccines are dirt cheap (usually $20 or less), where as their other drugs can cost thousands. If they were going to lie to make money, they’d convince you there ARE no vaccines so you have to buy the drugs.


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