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  1. Apes spawned by welfare leaches, lawsuit chasers, drug dealers, basketball players or rappers. There is literally no other way this form of inferior life can live in a neighborhood like this. Filthy n!ggers! I bet all the normal people took right off once they moved in. In another couple months it’ll look like Detroit.

  2. That little niggra is going to be crying when her man finds out why she’s in jail. When the cops show up and she says “I don’t give a fuck!” they’re probably going to arrest her (I know I would).

    “You ain’t got no right to film me!” “I’ll call dah cops!” “For what?!” “You side swiped us!”

    And these jungle babies don’t even know how to speak basic fucking English. “For what?” instead of what for? “For why” instead of just why? Been done did have when a simple negative verb will do.

  3. Even after suing them, which they probably won’t show up for their hearing in the first place, they still won’t pay; after all it’s respected to go to jail in the black culture, them they can complain about how the white man is keeping them down is it’s racisms fault they went to jail.

    1. Oh please, Lulz. Have you ever wondered, you poor deluded fucktard, why ONLY people from the third world want to move to America?

    2. You’re all talking like black people aren’t just as must of a refugee like the rest of you. You’re all poor imagrants. Give USA back to the natives the poor bastards

  4. jesus. that “suburb” looks like it could be in somalia.

    how anyone can still brag about that being “the greatest nation on earth” is beyond my comprehension.

    1. How anyone can think that a house under construction “looks like Somalia” is beyond my comprehension.

    2. The only people who refer to America as “the greatest nation on earth” are Americans who have never been to anywhere else on earth.

  5. He’s an idiot, why didn’t he just call the cops from the start? I mean what if they had a gun and decided to use?

  6. Of course they didn’t stop, they were being harassed by some probably white maniac in a pick up truck, the murderer’s vehicle of choice. They probably thought he was going to perform some horiffic act of violence on them or worse call the cops who would shoot them for no reason.

  7. :/ Man They are ALL like that. It’s never them, they never do anything wrong and it’s always because we’re racist. Well on this page i understand why lol. But Just to say it’s NOT JUST america. I’m in quebec and I work in cleaning department and of course it’s full of those damn assholes and it’s the same bullshit as everywhere else. they DON’T want to work, ever they are ultra slow to a point it’s squarely ridiculous. I once had a to train a black dude, mid 40s. He was a freaking bank employee in his country. Here a 4 hour job that i do in 2 HE needed more then 12hours … Completely retarded. he had to be retrained by 4 other guys witch is just outstanding. The main reason why they keep these fuckers is because the government pays half their salary or so to help them get a job or else no one in their right mind would hire them, seriously. I guess you guys must have something similar in the usa.

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