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  1. @Uncle Sam are you retarded? A knife should NEVER break on a frikin’ piece of garlic.

    This is just a poorly made knife. Try that with a $3000 japanese kitchen knife, you’ll push right through the table and it won’t break.

  2. It does look like they were trying to mash garlic with the side of the knife, instead of using the blade.
    It also looks like a CCC knife (Cheap Chinese Crap) that was probably bought at WalMart for $10.
    That’s two dumb mistakes. Why do people insist on recording their retardation for the whole world to see?

  3. Use a wooden spatula to crush garlic – place the spatula on the garlic, then hit the spatula with the butt end of a rolling pin. Works fantastic!.. just don’t use that same spatula for sweet foods after :D.

  4. …the blade has sat in direct fire to destroy the composition. I’ve never seen a knife that rough looking and I’ve left them to rust outside.

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