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  1. If you look carefully, yo’ll see that the car turned left and invaded the motorcycle’s trajectory: probably it was the car driver who payed attention to the wrong thing…

  2. Walking towards the lane where the mc is in, his reaction is to not hit her. Going towards her in a very fast speed, i doubt he notice her twerking, as he does not see the video of her, he has about a second to react to her walking across the street. In his lane. Again, he does not know this is someone twerking. She is crossing the street. Breaks in high speed, to avoid her, hits car.
    Much empathy by these women. Anyone knows of the response to this? Is he ok? Is she going to jail?

    1. Are you completely retarded or just a troll? Its obvious she wasnt on the road and the car hit the motorcycle because he was looking at her. Fucking brain-dead.

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