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  1. Tattoos…never did understand them, unless you were in the military, convict, but you know, it’s your skin, not mine so no big deal. BUT! Getting these stupid things plastered all over your face says a couple things.
    1. You are a TRUE loser.
    2. You are 99% unemployable (telemarketing only)
    3. You CRAVE attention
    4. You probably get into fights about your tattoos A LOT.

  2. I saw a website where the placement of the tattoo says something about you.
    Shoulder is “I’m a nonconformist in a conformist way.
    Calf said “I hope all the bros at the gym dig my sweet Taz.
    Ankle was “Sorority Barbie, now complete with tattoo.
    Neck said “I never want to have a job that pays more than minimum wage again.
    Face should say “I never want to have a job again.”

    And I’d let this girl suck my cock. For a buck. Maybe even a buck fifty if she’s really good at it.

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