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  1. Take a picture cover it over with salt and some random placed pepper – live it up and voila you’re an artist.

  2. Do you guys who gave this a thumbs up not realise this “artist” has been exposed as a fraud?! He claimed to be painstakingly recreating these astounding images when in fact what he was doing was the following: 1. make a video or two showing small clips of him doing bits and pieces with sand grains (which is nothing special) 2. get a photo, apply a Gaussian blur, print it to sheet, 3. Pretend you “painted” the whole thing with black grains.

    The analysis one guy did of this “artwork” in particular is incontrovertible; he’s simply printing these stupid things straight off a program like Gimp or photoshop then dumping sand on them to later “reveal” the “amazing art”.

    Sadly this is the age of fraudulent Internet content. If it looks like bullshit, or sounds like bullshit, it’s probably bullshit.

  3. Well lo and behold, I just checked his YouTube and a ton of content has vanished. I sincerely hope Tim Bengel gets his ass sued into the ground for breach of copyright. The deception might “be unethical but not illegal” but plagiarism sure as fuck is illegal.

    Anyone can create one of these things in their home with basic equipment. This kind of thing in “modern art” is so common that buyers are increasingly wary of purchasing anything by unrecognised artists. This guy is a complete fraud and confidence trickster.

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