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  1. It actually has everything t do with politics. These human-like leftovers that are growing up are the results of consistent liberal values. The good news is that the more their escapades get PR, the more I stop worrying. It’s like they’re weeding themselves out of existence without much outside interference. Awesome! Then again, all of the normal people should have seen it coming, what with all the “go abortion” craze while decent people would never get one reminds me that anti-abortion/pro-life people are actually quite delusional. Why the hell would you interfere with idiots consciously wanting to off their ability to spread their diseased seeds? I will never understand that. Let them naturally remove themselves from society and then our children will live in a world rid of libtards.

    1. Rationalize it all you want, it will never have anything to do with Politics or Abortions. Fight the constant urge to spread/voice your political views

  2. without those “libs” you keep talking smack about, you wouldn’t have any website to post your retarded drivel, idiot.

  3. Fair enough Libard and what ever other shite you what to call others with a different view to your own. Please explain what in this video shows that this guy is a liberal??

    Your just one of this sad fucks that likes to shoe horn their own ideals into every conversation. Change the cunting record.

  4. It never used to be so easy to troll people on this website, but I suppose there were a lot fewer liberal idiots on it back then.

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