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  1. World is fasted. That’s what you put.

    The worlds fastest is probably what you meant.

    ‘S means is, was, IE an abbreviation of the words world is.
    Also fasted, that’s what Muslims so during Ramadan. Past tense, of course.

  2. The title is correct… you are not. An apostrophe follower by an “s” is also a possession. As in Michael’s shoes, or in the case, the world’s fastest. Neither have anything to with Ramadan.

  3. Taim, you are an example of the weird tendency of people today to omit an apostrophe on possessives, and add an apostrophe on plurals. It is actually the other way around. We learned that in grade school, but many people have a sort of grammatical dyslexia about it. And, by the way, the title is correct.

  4. All that came to mind when I watched this was the movie Kingpin. I guess everyone’s special in their own little way, even Charles Manson. Bowling — it’s the chess of the GED class.

  5. Actually, Anarchy, you are mistaken. The “worlds’ ” would imply more than one world. He is speaking of bowling on one planet, so the apostrophe needs to be on the inside of the “s.” I would think that would be obvious.

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