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  1. And then she went off to her 9-to-5 putting on all black with a scarf over her face to protest “Fascism” with an Antifa pamphlet. Then off to the strip club for her second job. Obama’s job growth folks. It’s real!

  2. ANTIFA fucking sucks and by definition is Fascist

    “Fascism is characterized by forcible suppression of opposition, a positive view of violence, and abandons democratic liberties, pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints”

  3. Yes of course you can smoke meth “responsibly”…when you start to lose your teeth and are sucking cock at $5 a pop…you are in a spiral!!!

  4. Uh, Lady, there’s no way to do meth “responsibly.” Get ready for losing everything, including your kids, then your teeth, then your life. Way to flush your life down a toilet.

  5. I guess my question is why would you post this anyway? Like what was her Plan “A”? What did she expect to gain. I find all this very odd.

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