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  1. Lol. Dumb bitch. I was hoping to get to see if she had a pretty face…. not that it really matters cause she already ruined her body with all the trashy Tats.

    By the way, eurotrash skank…. Unless it’s 100% natural, freshly stroked out of your BF, FB, or coworkers [email protected] stick, read the directions before covering your face with goo.

    1. Body being ruined by tatts? Lol most people find tattoos attractive dude. you sound like a conservative 80 year old grandfather.

    2. By “most people”, you mean “most people you know”…which is not, in fact “most people.”

    3. Just so you know, you ignorant, fucktarded American, she’s Australian, and I know this may blow your walnut-sized brain, but Australia is not in Europe.

  2. What, are they selling Thompson’s Water Seal as a face mask product now? lol Thanks for the Side Boob tho lass!

  3. So this is what the internet was invented for; so that self absorbed, egomaniacal, spineless, brainless jellyfish on two legs, like this specimen, can film, share and fuel themselves losing IQ points in real time. I’m starting to think that maybe the globalists have a point, albeit a small one. Some of these “humans” just need to die off.

  4. Did she seriously just call herself a Hero at the end of the video? “If you want to be a hero like myself”, A little overly self-absorbed, didn’t know you were a hero just for putting on some chemical goop…..

  5. Fuck feel sorry for her tattoo artist. It she whinges that much taking that shit off imagine doing the tattoo on her ribs. Farking sook.

  6. only retarded american conservatives think tattoos suck. pretty much like with everything else, they are behind decades in social developments and modern technology.

    just forget about them and their whining. they’ll disappear eventually.

    1. Anyone can get a tattoo. The majority of the population does not have tattoos. Do the math.

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