Black Woman Can’t Stop Laughing When White Supremacist Finds Out He’s Part African


People Fail

Ever since Dave Chappelle’s skit with the African American white supremacist known as Clayton Bigsby came out there’s been a lot of people who just can’t believe that type of scenario happens in real life. Surely you’d be able to tell solely by the color of your skin, right? No one would be dumb enough to be a supremacist fighting against their own race, right? Well it turns out that it may be a little bit trickier to figure out than just looking at your skin color, and there’s one very real white supremacist out there who discovered that the hard way!

Meet Craig Cobb, an old white guy with a hateful attitude towards people of color and a whole slew of others all because they ran better than he does. Call it jealousy, call it downright malice, but the guy is genuinely a racist through and through, especially against African Americans. The only problem with that was that when he went up for a guest appearance on the Trisha Show he was DNA tested… then they learned he himself is part African!

Cobb desperately attempts to block out the truth by calling it statistical noise; no, dear Cobb, you’re just on the wrong side of a losing battle. Even more so since you’re technically a part of the minority – congratulations! There’s almost no doubt in my mind he will take nothing away from this, but there’s always that sliver of hope remaining just on the horizon.

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  1. It just means somewhere down the line his male lineage got with some white chicks mullato daughter who wanted to come back into the fold since she was 2 black for the black guys

  2. this a prime example of how racists view themselves vs. how other people view racists.

    pathetic scum.

    1. How dare they post something that is not derogatory to black/Jewish/muslim/non-white people, right Cletus? Don’t worry though, oaf-boy, you can still feel deplorably at home in the comments section, which is always like being a fly on the wall in an Alabama trailer park.

    2. Reg, go on and vent. I know this video and this comment section is about the only place you have to give your inner idiot a voice. Everyone understands that n!ggers are a lower species and it’s hilarious to watch you try to justify their existence outside of wild jungles where they truly belong.

  3. What a train wreck of a video. As soon as you hand these apes a banana they squeal and howl despite such a miniscule victory. For every one like this there are literally millions of examples of how underdeveloped as a species moon crickets really are. Pathetic spear chuckers.

  4. Well anthropology showed that early Homo sapiens originally came from Ethiopia and crossed a land bridge into modern day Saudi Arabia and branched out into groups. So all ancestors would have probably been black. Oh dam you science.

  5. shhh not so loud Fozik. you’ll violate the safe space of the religious conservatards on this site.

  6. Yeah, but whites and Asians have come a long way since then. Backs, Aborigines, Pygmies etc. haven`t. Average white IQ: 100. Average Asian IQ: 105. Average sub-saharan black IQ: 70. Average Aboriginal + Pygmie IQ: 60. Blacks in the USA have an average IQ of 85 – but they`re on average 20% white today, due to all the race mixing going on in the US. the inheritability of IQ is 70%, by the way.

  7. whites and asians may have come a long way, but obviously they left you behind because you sound exactly like that retard on that show.

  8. You’re so stupid you can’t even special the N word properly. You used a 1 for and I. How dumb can you be?

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