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    1. Nope. It is not. You have to take your vehicle to an “undocumented” mechanic to get something this shitty done. So while it may reside in the US, it is definitely owned and done by mexicans. They also jack up trucks four feet tall here with normal size wheels. Damndest thing I have ever seen and totally useless. No mechanic with a business license would do this to a vehicle. Total shade tree chop shop. I can almost guarantee you the rims were stolen and made to fit.

    1. Great eye on the plate there Einstein.
      BTW, It’s called a pickup truck, useful for carrying cargo/tools/lumber/other shit. Some people use them for work. Idiot…

    2. This is to YouIdidot, not to the OP…

      The SUV is in front of the car, not to the side

    3. That isn’t a SUV, more of a crossover – a mini POS SUV that the wife makes you buy if you don’t want a minivan.

    1. I might own a truck, but your idiotic comments didn’t hurt my feelings. I just wanted to point out that you are an idiot. It also seems as if you are obsessed with dick size — gay much?
      Now hop into your Prius and speed away…

      ps- the reply feature is there for a reason, halfwit.

  1. ” I just wanted to point out that you are an idiot.”

    so you basically admit that you got your safe space violated. thanks for the confirmation, you pathetic dick-extension owner.

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