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  1. Faking crimes and filing lawsuits are the only way liberals know how to make a living. That’s what happens when you “earn” a “degree” in homosexual psychology or lesbian dance theory.

    1. If you want to sound smart and make an intelligent point, it helps if you can come up with your own ideas. Quoting Ben Shapiro and using his “lesbian dance theory” line doesn’t make you smart or well informed. It makes you a plagiarist without a single original thought of your own.

  2. @anonymous So I guess that the majority of this country makes a living that way.. because the majority of this country didn’t vote for the cheeto. What a pathetic excuse you are for a USA citizen

    1. Look at the electoral map…your beloved Hitlery lost in a landslide when you count states and precincts. The only reason your Marxist bitch won the popular vote is because of LA and NYC. You libtards, just like the moron in the gif, are so predictably stupid.

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