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    1. ya rite lol, hmmm, ticks tend to get laid often as well. We’re all jealous I’m sure.

  1. They look just like a GTAV character, and I bet they get buckets-o-pussy & dick thrown their way… failing to see the actual fail here, decent quality tattoo work…

    1. Using the phrase “decent tattoo work” is like using the phrase “excellent brain cancer you got there!”

    1. This left winger has felonies and thus cannot CARRY or will ever be CARRYING firearms; however, we do c CARE that it breathes and will shoot it dead and do the worms — a higher form of life than liberals — a favor.

    1. Why, do you think that it is written on his dick — the part that you would really LOVE to see.

  2. No, just DEAD, inside and out. The jerking motions imitating this thing imitates are just psychosomatic responses to stimuli, mostly drug induced side effects.

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