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    1. You’ll notice the signs around it say things like “climate change” and “Earth Week”. Speaking of irony!

    2. That’s bit of a stretch. Just because they hold meetings in the same hall doesn’t necessarily mean they are of the same political stance.

  1. In today’s libtard riddled ‘edumaction’ system I’m surprised they were able to even write a single word correctly and then go so far as to hang a sign. By lefty standards it’s a win.

  2. Misspelled “Tuesday,” and the apostrophe is in the wrong place or shouldn’t be there, depending on what was meant. Must be Harvard students. They don’t have to pay library fines any more, and now I guess being able to write correctly in English is too stressful as well.

  3. To be fair I think he is trying for a deliberate faux par to drive home the poor spelling of the people who put the poster up. However ‘Edumaction’ was funny, but could you please come up with a different slag than libtard. It’s getting a tad tired now. You pig riding, hay munching muck savage.

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