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  1. Lol. fag.

    The world is a better place now that he wrecked that thing. Especially since he was gay enough to be doing it on open roads other people were traveling on.

  2. Any douchecockle who gets custom plates with “exotic” on them, deserves to have their car wrapped around a tree. Too bad he didn’t die.

    1. Even better that he put the “EXOTIK” license plate on a Subaru. A Subaru is about as exotic as a hard-boiled egg. Hopefully the driver was killed, or at least paralyzed from the eyebrows down.

  3. Yep, he WRXed it alright. Sheesh what a douche. Blind curves -check. Low mph public road -check. Turning on windshield wipers as he over-corrected -check. Just glad he didn’t kill anyone doing that dumb shit.
    I also agree with others that Subarus are nothing special but folks love their cars I guess. I still feel like we should fill up a barge with the first two decades of their attempts at all wheel drive and ship them back over. Those things were garbage (and pointless). They should also come with a video about ground clearance and how that works. My buddy raked up last winter towing idiots that bottomed out.

  4. You are all probably just as big of douches as this guy. Trump supporters are cucks. They want to watch him fuck their country.

    1. Typical necrophiliac Trump supporter. Only pussy they can get is dead, 500lbs overweight, or their sister/cousin/brother.

  5. Clearly this liberal Oregon knob still breathes. Shame. Those trees could’ve used the extra mulch.

  6. hahahahaha and NOW with it being on youtube, and, the two cars you passed ILLEGALLY on a double yellow line, you’ll have some tickets from the state police, and your insurance company will cancel your policy. Nice goin’ dumb***

  7. haha, you idiot! well deserved.. .that guy you passed before must have had a real good laugh as well. i hope you had much pain

  8. Omg, that guy he sped around must have had the most satisfying moment when he rolled up on this site head’s minor wreckage.

  9. How to spot a fucking useless driver in 2 easy steps:

    1) Has a fucking deathgrip on the wheel like it’s going to bite him if he lets go.
    2) Turns in using about 96 little motions like he’s watched too many 1970’s silver-screened in-car movie shots.

    If that describes your best mate/boyfriend/SO who thinks he’s a driving god, for fucks sake take a bus.

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