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  1. Crown Royal, blunts, broad rim hat, a fucking sword and the fact that the individual considers Infiniti luxury tels me one thing *tabulating*

  2. The Car is actually a pretty good car-
    Can’t see the smaller picts but Vip for the m37 is kind if a decent body kit not sire if he has that. Ultimately it is a rebadged Nissan which definitely isn’t luxury. Weird part is I have a Porsche gt3 with an Infinity cap on my dash and instead of a samurai sword I have a Hitler youth dagger.

    When I drive down the road and people see me- they break their their scapula- typically the left side. Actually no one cares when they see it. If anyone knows this style icon I’d like to meet him- it isn’t often you meet someone with the exquisite taste to really appreciate crowne royal the best of the royal whiskeys.

    And Mr. Anonymous ( if that is your REAL name) darn right we Americans think we are classy.

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