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  1. meeeh just let them shoot each other. the more guntards kill each other, the safer the rest of us will be.

    1. Adding tard to words doesn’t make you sound smart, you bag of raw sewage stuffed into a human suit.

    2. Isn’t there a dick you should be sucking right now bitchboy? Your daddy is gonna be pissed off. Might make you sick it off after he is done buttfucking your sister

    3. You do realize that citizens that legally carry firearms are statistically the most law-abiding, right?

    4. Slagging has really taken a down turn in the last while. All the gombeens can manage lately is Snowflake, and as Lol says sticking Tard on the end of words

  2. You’d have to kick him in the balls as hard as you can to disarm him and he’d still beat your ugly lesbian hipster sjw ass. Go back to England and help keep the population down here.

    1. Reading your deplorable, douchecockle comment makes me glad that, American fucktards, like you, never get to pollute the rest of the world with their right-wing ignorance, as they generally never travel further than the trailer park.

    2. Whatever country you’re from, numbnuts, please stay there. Cowards like you are why Europe is going down the shitter.

    3. Hang on, I thought America was going down the shitter. Trump has been quite clear on that point.

    4. Europe going down the shitter? Lol, I guess I must have missed that. Classic American ignorance from a hick-town retard who’s clearly never been to ‘yurp. Luckily, deplorable cretins, like you, never leave the backwater village shithole they grew up in, to annoy the un-retarded in the rest of the western world.

  3. If she saw this in Manhattan, then it was a cop or security officer (regular folks can’t carry guns there). That’s also a retention holster which essentially prevents anyone but the carrier from drawing the weapon. Trying to disarm the guy would likely have just ended up in her being arrested.

    Fail indeed.

    1. I like how no one commented on this post yet, apparently no one cares about the truth of the matter. Liberals seeing guns keep getting angrier than shoving a tampon in the wrong hole, and conservatives just degrade to name calling back.

      Also, love it when foreigners comment on our culture like we need to live to their standard.

    2. Exactly. It’s typical of most internet post. Take a photo and then put your own context on to sell what ever view you have to the mindless sheep to follow.

      I could easily take the same photo in Spain as police there are armed and open carry, take the photo at an angle so it is hard to see if it is an officer. Then post some crap that Spain has started Marshal law or some crap and wait for the nobs that don’t check anything to start firing it around FB or some other social media shite.

    3. Just a disclaimer for all the idiots here, before you go all nuclear
      I’m not saying that starting mass hysteria and encouraging people to carry fire arms in a country that it’s legal is one of my life goals

  4. Yes, America has a problem–but the problem will be solved once your festering, unwanted ass returns to the stinking-country-hole that shat you out. Sit your smug face down in front of a computer, and watch internet clips of Jihadis cutting off peoples’ heads. Or MS13 gang-bangers hacking up people with machetes, just for fun. Then just tell yourself that they’d NEVER do that to such an uptight, enlightened being as yourself. Twat.

    1. Clearly, you’ve never actually been to anywhere in the rest of the western world, have you, you hopeless clown? Let me put it this way; Have you ever wondered why only people from the third world want to move to this shithole called America?

    2. Hey Ed… did you read her comment? She’s from the U.K., now living in Manhattan. I’m guessing reading comprehension wasn’t taught in whatever Ivy League school you attended.

    3. Lived a year in GB, ~1990.

      There’s no place like home.

      We ain’t building a wall to keep people in.

  5. Where to begin with this typically hideous British export? The movie theater sized forehead? The idiotic glasses? The Down’s syndrome smile? Nah, too easy. Perhaps it’s her typical British smugness about a topic to which she is completely ignorant. She’s “partially weapons trained”, yet has never heard of a retention holster. Ah, the mighty U.K. As relevant and useful as pre-chewed bubble gum.

    1. Ah here leave it out. Not fair lumping good sensible Down Syndrome people with this smarmy Brit.

    1. Would love to see that. Wouldn’t have that condescending smirk anymore thats for sure

    1. … and you made an account solely based to comment on his comments… what does that make you?

  6. One of those cases where her social media profile should NOT include a picture. Looks like she has issues…

  7. she is really a man…that scarf is blocking her adams apple!!! would be nice to see a clip of he-she trying to unholster that gun!!!

    1. mmm females have an adams apple as well. Men’s in general are more pronounced so can’t in anyway be used as a gender specific marker.

      Though might explain your high-school nickname ‘NoCock’

  8. Well when you come from a country where guns are so rare that even police don’t usually carry them it is probably rather disconcerting to be in a place where guns are treated like toys and fashion accessories.

  9. your “wall” is a frikin’ joke. if you still believe in ANY of trump’s campaign promises, then you’re even more retarded than the carrot in office. the only thing he seems to care about is golfing and dumping obamacare. mexicans and muslims aren’t even a thing anymore, trump hasn’t said a word about them in like the last month or so.

  10. I miss threads like these. Epicfail of the good aul days where everyone is either going on a mad one or actively winding people up.

  11. So go back to London. Isn`t that the place where all the law-abiding citizens are forbidden to even carry a can of pepper for self-defence, and the cops don`t have guns – so it`s literally a shooting gallery for Jamaican and other black thugs who battle it out with submachineguns regularly? Yeah, go back to that place, where your life expectancy is much shorter and the time humanity has to suffer from your cultural Marxist talking points will be much shorter.

  12. Even if she did manage to get the gun, and even if she did know how to take it off safe, and even if she did know how to fire it effectively without dropping it on the first recoil, the PTSD that would have been inflicted by the sound of the first round would have rendered this SJW libtard moron a mewling mass of spas-tastic human waste on the floor of the coffee shop. What a turd, I hate liberals.

  13. I love how some guntards and republicunts here are raging against libtards while condemning the word “guntard” LOL

    You lot are really, really retarded.

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