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  1. She was never famous to begin with. She’s a stupid little kid that her mother is trying to pimp out to make some easy cash.

    She’s literally a little girl, I believe 14 or 15 years old, and her mother should be ashamed of herself for what she’s doing to her daughter. When she is an adult she will be ashamed of her own stupidity.

    And the only thing more stupid than the “cash me ouside, how bow dat” nonsense is the grown ass adults posting it on their social media and getting tattoos of it.

    1. There was a drunk woman at my husbands company party that would not stop saying it. Pretty much everyone was giving her the same look of, “Really?” Grow the fuck up… Also I super don’t understand why it was a thing to begin with? What was so funny or shocking about this girl? Maury has had that kind of shit on the air FOREVER.

    2. From what I’ve read about her she was a troubled kid under her mother’s care. They went on the Dr. Phil show where she acted like a fool and like any little kid who thinks they are a “street smart gangster” would act. Her mother claimed they went on the show to “try and get her help”. Dr. Phil sent her a youth program where she excelled and was on track to be an intelligent normal little girl. As soon as she went back to her mother’s care she started acting out again. There are videos of her physically fighting on an airplane, physically fighting with her own mother, and all around acting like an idiot. Now supposedly she charges $40k to “make appearances” and $50k + accommodations “for appearances outside the US”.

      No one wants this teenage train wreck to make an appearance with them for free much less that kind of cash. I suspect her mother is pimping her out for sex as she is physically developed much more than your average 14 year old, and there are plenty of pervs out there willing to pay to have sex with a child.

  2. Na she always looks like she is smelling shite. Only a face a mother would love. Oh hang on, no she doesn’t!

  3. Dam, first section where I agree with all the comments made.
    She is fugly and I too am proud to say I have no clue who this cunt biscuit is.

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