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    1. It’s a joke, It’s a Facebook post see how many people think it’s funny? He’s laughing at his own expense, some people have the courage to make fun of themselves.

      You on the other hand are as thick as shit!

    2. There is no more beautiful, intelligent, and moral race than the white European race and you know it. You agree with it. When non whites hate on racism it’s really jealousy of what we’ve got.
      Light brown skin, straight nose, wavy golden hair blue and green eyes. We truly are spectacular as to our countenances and our accomplishments collectively. The world could never be as good without us.

    3. I’m not non-white. In fact, I am a full-blooded member of the supposed “master race” aka germans. But I don’t give a shit about it, I am only proud of things I have done with my own two hands. You on the other hand, take pride in the fact that you crawled out of your mother’s rotten uterus while she happened to live in some white country. Retard.

    1. Actually, you are right. MOST people do care… hence why Trump is your president. But one thing is for sure, NO ONE cares about your opinion on politics so you might as well keep it to yourself. That way you won’t sound like such a pathetic little snowflake.

    2. Most people didn’t vote for that deplorable piece of shit Donald Trump.
      My opinion matters as much as yours. And you obviously care enough to whine about your political associations being deplorable pieces of shit, too.
      That snowflake crap you morons spew when you encounter opposition is reflective of how you view yourself since you can’t seem to encounter disagreement without crying about it.

    3. Awwwww… what’s wrong little Jakey? Upset that your leftist hero got spanked and now your gravy train of free government stuff has derailed? Had to give back your Obamaphone? Actually have to look for a job now and support yourself? I guess if I were a government dependent bum, I’d hate Trump, too.

  1. @Lol Love your quality of send offs.

    Is it just me or is the new website layout pants. Some times when I go to reply to a comment the ‘post comment’ button is hidden. Also some times some comments are hidden. It’s almost like the site is miss aligned or something.

    I’ve tried it on Firefox and Chrome. Don’t speak to me about Explorer. If I want to fuck up my PC I’ll just pour water over it like a normal person

  2. That ugly ass cunt shouldn’t complain about women becoming whores, that’s his only chance to ever get his D wet…

  3. Perfect genetics!? I think there might be some flaws in the neurological section of the genome, just a guess.

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