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  1. At what point did they think that would be a good idea.

    In all fairness there probably wasn’t much up there to destroy to begin with.

  2. He wears a vest made of the American flag, but holds the Confederate flag which was the enemy of the USA…….do you think he’s just trying to be ironic or is he just a dumb ass? (please note this question is heavily laced with sarcasm)

  3. @ ELI…hot damm you butt hurt liberal , dumb fuck, can’t except the facts , ape shit, skinny jean wearing, feminist backing, fagggot promoting , obaaaamma loving , PC culture enthusiast morons… Get The FUCK over your HUGE LOSS.

    Hey stupid a little simple American History fer yer dumb ass. As by your comment you can only be part of the liberal minded twatters. The Union was the Northern part of the Civil War…
    The U.S.A is the United States of America. Which was not an enemy of the Confederacy…..Dear God in heaven what is the future gonna be like with these giblit heads

  4. Don Trump should hire him as FBI director, I am sure he won’t be asking any questions because he’s dumb as a rock so he should be perfect.

  5. Unfortunately we ran out of Crucifixes, and nigg€rs to burn this week so please bring any mix breeds or bibles you have laying around. Thank You

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