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  1. notice how all these countries became fucked up once the US “liberated” them? japan, south korea, philippines. from warrior castes to hentai-pillow fucking nerds. good job, ‘murica.

    1. Ummm we aren’t the ones who came up with tentacle porn, underwear vending machines, or ritual suicide. Stop blaming America for everything that goes wrong in the world. JFC if you really want to talk about bullshit that started it all, look at the country that gave birth to America.

  2. You mean Great Britain? Right about now they look pretty stupid with their “Leave the EU” charge so it’s no wonder you guys were stupid enough to vote in trump. Hey, if the brits can do it, why not you? You just said it yourself:

    Brits are stupid and they gave birth to you. lol

  3. say the guy who hasn’t yet figured out that this site contains CSS errors that make it impossible to hit the reply button without going through multiple html layers of elements to find the one obstructing said reply button.

    try again you guntard moron.

  4. @Lutz. It’s not that they can’t figure out the reply button. It’s because they can’t fucking see it. Whoever is in charge of the website forgot that a lot of people still use PCs or laptops. We’re not all monkey pointing gobshites with tablets.

    1. No, you’re just morons who don’t know what the tab key is for. I can use the reply button just fine on a PC.

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