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  1. Anyone know what he’s saying at the beginning? I get this, which I know is way off: “Salut à tous. Mes parents sont partis. Ils sont partis enfin […?…]. Je cours et va s’en faire avec mon voiture film. C’est parti.”

  2. He said: “Salut à tous. Mes parents, ils sont partis. Ils sont partis faire les courses quelque part. Du coup, on va s’enfuir avec mon pote qui filme. C’est parti.”

  3. He’s saying : “Hi everybody! My parents went shopping. I’m gonna run away with the one who films. Let’s go”
    Later: “daddy! Daddy!”
    And the woman (the mother) : “fuck! You brake my balls with your bullshit !” (Very classy indeed)

    Beautiful example of dumbass of the French middle class

    1. Yeah the age match. Or at least French president age is closer to the age of this kids than to the age of your American president.

      But on another hand, your president is the one who love prentending driving trucks, isn’t he ?

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