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  1. That’s not IndyCar, you dumbass. It is Formula 1, and this pit stop is quite average. They all do it below 3 seconds, the record is below 2 seconds. In IndyCar, pit stops can’t be this fast because of rules (limited number of people working on the car). And even if was allowed, Americans would not be able to, do it because they are lazy fatasses and IndyCar is shit.

    1. Calm down Jean Girard nobody gives a fuck about either of those sports or this pit stop.

    2. Who was the last F1 driver to come to America and win everywhere he raced? Oh that’s right, was Mario Andretti…an American…oops. Stay home euro-trash…and rethink your life.

    3. nigel mansell arie luyendyk lol obese dummies back to the drive thru the only place you inbred hicks are fast

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