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  1. How dare he harass this woman? She should have reported hin for rape. Women are allowed to reuse the flowers left for other women. Fucking patriarchy.

    1. LOL. Yeah that’s right! Take your white male privilege somewhere else rapist! Women are entitled to steal from the dead.

    2. It was a woman following and recording the thief. You cannot tell the difference between male and female voices?

  2. I’m reminded of this old joke – What’s difference between archaeologist and grave robber ? A hundred years.

  3. Those flowers were doing nothing for the dead. The dead could care less about anything the living do. I am indifferent to her actions. I don’t care that she stole those flowers from the cemetery. Who is the victim? Is the victim willing to prosecute? There, leave her alone.

    1. You’re right, and chances are the people who put the flowers on the graves will probably never know their flowers were removed anyway.

    2. My best friend died fourteen years ago. Someone continually stole from his grave on numerous occasions, it broke our hearts and almost killed his parents that someone would steal their outlets of grief.

      If you are serious then you are both a pair of disgraceful human beings, I hope you never have to understand the pain of burying a loved one then having someone steal the tokens of grief and love that you left at their final resting place.

      That someone would even contemplate stealing flowers from a grave is sickening and people defending her for doing it because they were on a grave makes you even worse.

  4. It’s not the dead she is stealing from. It’s the living. She is stealing their tokens of love and remembrance.
    Anyone who doesn’t understand that, or thinks it is acceptable needs to take a long, hard look at their life.

  5. I never visit cemeteries (unless they’re historical) and never understand people leaving a bunch of flowers that will wilt and die in a number of hours, but it makes them feel better and happy to leave a remembrance for someone they love. Having said that, I would have shivved that stupid bitch for stealing those flowers.

    1. “Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.”

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