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  1. for a better future. yeah right. what have you gotten out of the vietnam war other than loads of vets with PTSD whom nobody gives a shit about and who are rotting on america’s street as we speak.

    too bad donny won’t help them. instead, he likes to play golf.

    1. Yeah because “Donnie’s” predecessors did so much to help people suffering from PTSD from a war that happened almost 50 years ago.

      Obviously neither critical thinking nor politics are your strong points. I recommend you stick to what you know best…. henti porn, Pokemon, and not getting laid.

  2. Nice Pants, Nice Logic
    since “donnie’s predecessors” were fucking shit that makes it okay that donny is shit because he’s just doing what’s already been done before? why do you even bother electing new leaders then you fucking clown?
    honestly anyone still shilling for the donald should be slapped to antarctica for being so fucking blind. DONALD IS THE SWAMP. do you really think they would let you elect someone who would fuck with the agenda they have worked so tirelessly to perpetuate?
    you get to Elect your leader but you can’t SElect your leader. controlled “opposition” – look into it.
    furthermore, the no one even thought vietnam was about a better future, everyone was just so fucking high at that point in time that no one realized what was going on.
    world wars 1 and 2 are the reason why the world today is the way it is. everything that came after those are just by-products of the “new world order” that was established after world war 2.

    1. Oh, I get it… you’re one of the dips#!ts that hold Trump to a higher standard than any person in history in order to make it appear he has failed while just barely over 100 days into a 1460 day term. Lol. “Why hasn’t Trump already fixed what hasn’t been able to be fixed in the previous 50 years”? Twat.

      It’s painfully easy to see your liberal butthurt as you are still reeling from yet another painful defeat. People don’t “select” a president? Actually that is exactly what the American people did. Trump won the Nomination against an establishment that joined forces to defeat him, tried to discredit him, never once supported or campaigned for him after he won the nomination, and still continue to work against him even as he is president.

      I won’t even get into what a joke and mess the democratic party is or the whole Clinton/Sanders tobaccle was.

      Sorry you lack the education and sense to see what is happening right in front of you and are forced to resort to new world order conspiracy theory in order to explain what you are too stupid to understand.

    2. Whoa, whoa. Hillary is the swamp. Donnie is just the circus. If there was any “NWO” conspiracy happening, it was that Trump was a plant by the Democrats to ensure Hillary would win. You know, because “It’s her turn” ™. But they neglected to consider the fact that a large segment of the population would vote for a dead rat before Hillary Clinton.

  3. Brilliant… 1. this happened in 2007. 2. it was covered then 3. it was an awareness campaign for the flooding and shit…. shit post and you should feel like shit….

  4. americans have cemented their place in history as one of the most ignorant nations on earth, you can whine all you want Shit Pants, it’s not going away. Prejudices exist for a reason, so there’s a reason most other countries think the US is full of ignorant asshats. It’s not new, it’s been like this for the last 40 years, stop trying to hide behind your “durr liburals urr snuflakes durrr” bullshit because 90% of the people ranting on igorant ameritards aren’t even affiliated with any liberal party.

    fucking idiot.

    1. You are aware that Pocahontas was a real person, right? Oh wait, of course not. You’re from Europe. How silly of me.

    2. Spokk, If someone sued a random fairy you’d get a court appearance notice on the mail.

    1. It being the 6 Day War would make a hell of a lot more sense. Just curious, tho — how do you know that’s what it is?

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