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  1. A. WTF is an “indie”
    B. Why do “mama’s, abuse victims, trans girls, and sex workers” have a special need for laptops.
    C. Of course they issue you all the latest greatest gear. They you are forced to give it back when terminated. Why would you even lie about dumb shit like this?
    D. Been working in tech jobs for over a decade and have never came across a company with a huge supply of xboxes and BEATS headphones.(especially considering beats are shit”.

    I’m not like this girl or most of you people on this site. It must be a really shitty life where you are so alone and desperate for attention that you post a bunch of lies and bullshit on social media so a bunch of fake [email protected] you don’t even know give you a thumbs up. I would feel sorry for you people if you weren’t such gigantic douches.

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