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  1. Well that kinda backfired on her now didn’t it, what with all the excitement and the ear-to-ear grin on his face? Bet she prepared and practiced, pictured her moment of conquest and the “embarrassment” she was going to dish out. The ole hell hath no fury yada yada. Poor little princess. Like all modern, self entitled, self worshiping ‘girl power’ tripping ignorant cunts, she learned a valuable lesson. If you want loyalty, shut the fuck up, learn to cook, learn you rplace behind the man, and be a good woman first and foremost.

    1. Uh huh. I hate to break it to you, you sad loser, but this is the 21st century and if you ever want to have an actual relationship with a real woman, you might want to work on your misogyny issues. No? Oh well, there’s always MGTOW, right, dickhead?

    2. Sam, Its not new – stop pretending like the 21st Century is when everyone became aware of treating women correctly. There will always be and have always been Men that treat a lady right and others that just don’t.

  2. Not buying it…plus, she looks like one of those hands off you are too good for me “princess” types that are HIGH MAINTENANCE, talk in a squeaky voice around their latest boyfriend, and a daddy’s girl.
    RUN! Run fast away from her!

  3. I love all videos with these wimpy little white kids yelling “WORLD STAR”, as if that gives them credibility within the black community. You little girls would crap in your My Little Pony pajamas if you were within 40 miles of a black community.

    1. No, they’d probably get an alarm system for their home, get used to having their car broken into and carry pepper spray, if they lived within 40 miles of a black community.

    2. Your “community” is as toxic as they get. You are proud that your “communities” are dangerous places that no one wants to live near. Goal accomplished, no one wants to get near you. You are the modern day leper colonies. We teach our kids to avoid you to avoid social disease like ancient people taught their kids to avoid lepers. Your “culture” is broken, your “families” are broken, your English is broken. You have failed and are taking others down with you, but by all means be proud of your decline. It only makes you worse.

    1. Your comment is incredibly sad and very true. American youth in particular have the values and morals of a $3.00 prostitute, absolutely no brains and even less God given common sense. We should all weep for the future.

    2. that’s because you’re an idiot that lives their life on the internet and think it’s “reality”. Fact is there is a lot of good going on in the US and all over the world. Get off the computer and try to live life. You’ll find the pathetic existence you live now is not reality.

    3. Says the jerkoff whose idiotic name is all over these comments. Just shut the f*ck up and stop humiliating yourself.

  4. Nice Pants, when someone like you, who stereotypes others tells me that I shouldn’t stereotype americunts, I laugh and take a shit upon your “opinion”.

    have a nice day you frikin’ retard.

  5. This little princess feels like she’s the most important person in the world. What the hell is she doing with the mic in them first place? Begging for sympathy and thinking that the entire world cares only about her. I have no idea if this guy is a total douche or just smart enough to start getting away from her. Either way he needs to count his lucky stars she’s out of his life as you can tell from how she acts that she’s a self-absorbed bitch. There are way better and non-childish ways to handle this and what she chose to do was not one of them.

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