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  1. The only space cyclists should be given is either the space to necessary for my SUV to run them over without getting a scratch on the paint or the space in outer space where they should be kicked off this planet into, those useless faggots.

  2. How would you know anything about America? Your family can’t afford to live there. Keep wishing you lived there. One day, perhaps when your useless parents die and they leave you the $9.80 they’ve amassed over the years, you can add that to the few bucks you’d have and you can move to America. They could always use another waiter.

    1. Who? Oh, I don’t know. Just about ANY and EVERY European who ever wants to make something of themselves? You sound pretty stupid. Perhaps you should do a little research before you embarrass yourself. Speaking of third-world shitholes, have you taken a look at Europe lately?

  3. jep, we still have health care, affordable education. we still take the happiest countries on earth spots, we still enjoy good weather and nice neighbors.

    while we have a terrorist attack every now and then, it doesn’t really compare to the level of violence you suffer at the hands of your own retarded population.

    try again.

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