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  1. This is exactly why I do not donate to people on the street. I know there are some really needy people out there, but you can’t tell who is for real and who is just taking your money. I donate to local charities and food bank.

    1. Teeth are usually a good indicator. True homeless will have bad teeth (and usually smell too).

    1. The excuse is that for every cunt like this one there’s 100 n!ggers and spicks stealong money in just the same way, plus they get a check from hard working people’s taxes, plus they’re lazy scum that refuse to work and sell drugs on the streets while offing one-another as well as innocent people in record numbers. How’s that for an “excuse” you brainless, spineless, useless, ignorant, pathetic, shit-for-brains liberal, snowflake fucktard?

    2. go ask the bitch. and wtf does this have to do with “white america”? get your racist agenda outta here you stupid bitch. ppl like you that bring race into everything are the nost racist people. use your brain stop being just a trendy edgy cunt. Ohhhh shes a woman too!! what about that women of america!? STFU!

  2. I actually side with the women here. She has the absolute right to ask people for money and if people want to give it her then so be it. These social justice pricks were harassing her for indirectly taking money from homeless people, as if money given away at stop lights is rightfully theirs. Douche bags.

    1. They were harassing her for holding a sign that said “homeless”, because she’s clearly not. If the sign said “please give me money” nobody would care. Moron.

    2. She could fuck in the back of her nice car for pennies and be more respected than for what she is doing now. I’d pay an extra dollar if she put a McDonalds bag over her head…

    3. Well that 100% confirms what’s written on her sign, doesn’t it? And frankly, she may be actually homeless. Ever thought she may live in her car? ( Everyone seems to be making a lot of assumptions but there are always other circumstances. She may be a piece of shit, acting like she’s homeless to play on people’s sympathy, but we don’t know.

    4. Notice how she didn’t deny it? And she also didn’t claim to be living out of her car, just “disabled.” She was arrested 2 days after this video for throwing gatorade bottles at cars. Face it, she’s just an asshole scammer.

  3. Stupid useless bitch. But you know who is really to blame? All of the gullible enabling twats that give her money.

  4. What an awful person. There are folks that really need help. She is not one. I would guess that she is probably also scamming SSI/disability for a back injury yet does yoga. At least now some folks will know not to give to this piece of shit.

    1. True statement. Real homeless people don’t stand on the corner begging for money. That takes at least a little bit of ambition and a sound mind. I work at a hospital not far from a homeless shelter and believe me, none of them are ever asking for money. They get what they need from charities, feigning chest pain (warm bed and a hot meal) and getting arrested (again, warm bed and a hot meal).

  5. lol when americans need answers they ask macdonalds employees, to the average american it’s someone they look up to

  6. Wait. There are pieces of shit who lie and justify it to themselves somehow in this world? I’m shocked. We should call this website “BasicLife.”

  7. I don’t give a f*** what it is she is driving. She is an able body if I can work 5 days out of the week she can too.

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