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  1. For a second I imagined that a European immigrants working 18 hour days in the early 1900s were handed this photo by a time traveler from the future and told this is what society has to look forward to. Guaranteed they would stop what they were doing and all move to China or Russia and start building there instead. The west, Europe included, has become a perpetual joke. Sad to see an empire crumble.

    1. The stupidity spews out of you like no other. Every single post you prove yourself more stupid than the day before.

      I partially agree with you that this is pathetic. Mostly for the 40 something middle age woman on the left.

      But as usual you’re stupidity is showing. Many people back in “1900s” as you say, had weird/stupid hangups, fetishes, and hobbies.

      Not to mention no one on earth has ever at any point had interest in immigrating to China, nor Russia who both have standards of living far below the poorest of American citizens.

      I find you’re inferiority complex extremely weird and unusual. We get it. You wish you were American. Come on over LEGALLY, and even pitiful, desperate, self loathing, Euro trash like yourself will find yourself accepted here.

    2. You poor, deluded douche-canoe, believe me, no-one from Europe wishes they were American, especially any European that’s actually been to the US. In fact, do you ever wonder why only people from the third world want to move to America, cock-smoker?

  2. Good grief. A kid having fun, (obviously) not getting anyone pregnant, and probably gets straight A’s and you bunch of abuse-survivors go nuts in the comments 🙁 As for the adults, well they are adults and can do whatever they want as long as they can afford it. The bitch pretending to be homeless is who you should be angry at. Not these people.

    They pay grown ass men millions of dollars to dress up and throw a fuckin ball in a hole while their fans get drunk and beat each other up over teams that aren’t even from their hometown or state (which is also fucking stupid). Now, my friends, that is pathetic…

  3. ^ Makes great ,valid points. Love the ”Come at me bro” look this kid has. He gonna fuck someone up.

    Ralf, why did you change to an anon? We can sniff out your inferior posts a mile away. A FYI to you: Every country other than ours is a third world country!
    Ha, have fun with your refugees…bitch

    1. A spectacularly ignorant comment, dripping with classic American, asinine douchebaggery, from a cretin who has clearly never been outside the US. Anyone who has would never make such a laughably absurd comment. If that’s the best response you can come up with to the question (why do only people from the third world want to move to the US if it’s such a great place), please stay in whatever small town shit-hole you’re from and don’t pollute the rest of the world with your American fucktardism.

  4. He’s an american troll. Only Americans use the word “douche” as a pejorative term. It is a dead giveaway. Probably some fat fuck that lives in Indiana that spends his evenings using photoshop filters to xray lingerie catalogs while eating Zaxby’s. He definitely has paranoia and anger issues probably extending from some childhood experience of being called a beaner or something. I am not sure about the hispanic part though and have the feeling that is mom is probably white and he looks like neither race. smh

    1. 100% correct; no one here uses the terms fuctard or douchebag etc. He does however make a factually correct point that virtually nobody in Europe would give up their place here to go live in the US, and it’s nothing to do with having a superiority complex. We just look at the stats on American life and it’s an appalling option to countenance. Americans live shorter, unhappier, unhealthier lives than anyone in Western Europe. To see the kind of averages associated with the median existence in modern America you’d have to go somewhere like Bulgaria- the poorest place in the European continent.

      Personally speaking, I find that a tragedy, as I genuinely love America, I love Americans, and I believe the ‘American Dream’ still has a role to play. Yet US society is so toxically wrecked by division and hatred today that it’s very literally ripping itself to pieces. I get that the US is still an exceptionally young country, but in the past decade America has actually begun to look absurd.

      There are so many delusions Americans have about their society that I wouldn’t know where to begin. One of the most bizarre delusions currently Americans have is that Europe is somehow falling apart due to Islamic terrorism while America is a land of blissful peace and security…you see this myth all over the net being repeated by right-wing Americans yet on one single day in New York City more people were killed by Islamist terrorism than have died of the same cause in Europe since records began. Just a few months back you had some guy murder dozens of innocent people in a nightclub. All of which is to say nothing of the horrific mass shootings which are a monthly reality there. You’re also more than 5 times more likely to be murdered in the US under “regular circumstances” than in the Uk or any other major EU nation. You’re more than 100 times more likely to be shot, and several thousand times more likely to be killed by a police officer. In half the countries of the EU regular police don’t even need to carry guns at all. Neither do we need something as hideously freakish and medieval as the death penalty.

      Your entire electoral system is rigged by lobby groups and professional industrial lobbying interests and at your last election a staggering 52% of eligible voters didn’t even bother to turn up to vote. Your Supreme Court recently renewed legislation preventing the electorate from gaining full disclosure of campaign funding for elected officials- in Europe most nations have an outright ban on campaign funds over a certain amount, which is usually so low as to be meaningless. If you spend above the permitted amount you go to jail.

      Your insanely self-destructive support for a genocidal Israel is bizarre to the max. And nobody has any idea why you’re so obsessed with Iran, a nation that has never posed any threat to western sectiroty in its entire existence but which had its democracy utterly destroyed by you in the 1950s, setting the Middle East back decades as a result.

      As for the staggering statistics on drugs, abortion, homelessness and illiteracy…well it’s best left alone as it would take too long to discuss.

      Americans essentially want low taxes, cheap fuel, and a broken society- that’s the reality. Under Eisenhower the top taxation band was a whopping 90% yet I’ve never met a single American remotely aware of this fact, almost none of whom had any idea what a “socialist” actually is- Americans seem to think the EU is a socialist continent when in fact there isn’t a single socialist government in power anywhere in Europe. Not one.

      The poorest US citizens who live with chronic illnesses are unable to get treatment because the richest nation on earth refuses to pay for the health of its own citizens.

      But for all America’s sins I still believe in her and I’m glad that the world’s policeman is the USA and not Russia or China or anyone else. Get rid of the moron with the dead blonde squirrel on his head and all will be forgiven. We have genuine affection for America but we don’t want to live there. Canada yes (of it wasn’t so damned cold), America….not so much.

    2. Yo, Joe, did you really just write a fucking essay on “” about political systems? FFS, man. Go to a town hall meeting if you want to be heard.

  5. Exactly…like most ignorant Europeans, you just look at the “stats” and watch the news and think “ERMAGAWD AMERICA IS TEH HORRIBLEZ”.

    Fact is, America is a big place. The same size as all of Europe combined. All those stats are heavily influenced by urban crime in violent cities like Detroit and Chicago. If you’re not a dumbass hipster who thinks living in the inner city is “cool”, America is a very safe place. Something you might know if you ever actually visited the American countryside, instead of armchair quarterbacking what you “think” our country is like.

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