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  1. I can’t understand the point of this site anymore. It’s some kind of hodge-podge of something between YouTube, Peopleofwalmart and random shit rolling around the internet for years at varying points. A 10 minute video? Here? Way to define your audience demographic there, yikes. At first it had a theme like “parenting fail” or “drunk fail” with the occasional “epic” kicked in now and again when warranted. But this? Obviously someone has lost touch with how to move forward and retain core loyalty. Very stupid and amateurish. Feels like this site is run by a child. Sorry, but it’s true.

  2. Um, yeah, not watching a ten-minute video. If I wanted to watch a ten-minute video of funny I have like 100 better options than Epic Fail. What that guy ^ said.

  3. Ah , the finnish death-metal in all its glory. Better watching 10 minutes of that than a one minute feminist monologue about patriarchy.

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