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    1. No Stan, he’s an immigrant because n!ggers should’ve been sent back swimming back to African’t after each individual specimen’s use was worn out on the cotton fields, and then we would not have this infectious problem of criminal monkeys today. You’re welcome.

    2. Oh do please list your notable contributions to society Mr Anonymous. Also unless your native American you too are an migrant, with a good chance your ancestors were either slaves or criminals. I would also be quite surprised if you also don’t have some coloured blood in you too.

    3. See it isn’t Black or white. Where just people and some of us are just cunts. Just like idiot driver in vid and Mr Anonymous here.

  1. Don’t feel bad. The North American Pavement Ape is new to the automobile. Just a few weeks ago, he was using vines and trees to get around. Chasing Zebras and what have you.

  2. Too bad he wasn’t ejected into oncoming traffic. I absolutely hate people like this and they are the reason that Amazon has become a welcome friend.

    1. Correction. You referred to this organism in a context that suggests it’s a person by using the word ‘people’. People don’t act like this, primates do.

  3. Nothing for Nothing but Blacks here in New England are some of the worst drivers of all time. Never paying attention, accidents every damn day. I tow cars for a living. at least 70% of the worst drivers are Black

  4. dumbass american. even the minorities in the US get more stupid the longer they stay in that cesspool of low IQs.

  5. Most people commenting here are so tragic. Wish I could help you. Make you read books. Un-retard you.
    Lots of love.

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